Monday, October 10, 2011

Why I Write: Timothy Ferris on Writing to Learn

"Why I Write: Timothy Ferris on Writing to Learn" talks about how writing is a very difficult subject and how science writing can help you and others learn. He starts off with saying that he writes to learn. Ferris also says that you don't just learn, you also create. He then goes into how writing is difficult and how there are no excuses, or "hiding places", when writing, it just has to be good. Then Ferris goes into the next section, where he talks about how writing about science is one of the best things to write about. He explains how you can learn from writing about science, and that it is genuine news because there is always new discoveries or events in the science field.

Timothy Ferris' "Why I Write" is more of a persuasive passage of how science writing is so great and can help you learn. It was very inspiring the way he put his words and how he said that writing is difficult and takes time to learn. I like the contrast between writing and artist. He says that artists working in other media can make excuses, while writers can't make excuses, "writers have nowhere to hide." When he jumps to the "No Finer Subject Then Science" section, it's almost as if his tone fills with excitement, which in return fills the reader with excitement. The fact that he said science is genuine news was interesting, because he is telling you that it's not the same topic every time. Another phrase that catches my attention it when he says, "Science is not just a novel; it's revolutionary." This was a very eye catcher statement that pulls you in. I found this writing passage very interesting and enjoyable because it makes sense and is credible. Why I Write: Timothy Ferris on Writing to Learn

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