Sunday, October 16, 2011

How I came Across "My Life in France"

It all started when my brother and I heard about how all of the Borders stores were closing. About twice a week throughout August we would go and buy at least two books from a Borders store. One week he let me know that I would need four non-fiction books for AP Lang, so we started looking. When we went that week he showed me 3 books: My Life in France, Julie and Julia, and The Elephant to Hollywood by Michael Caine. They were all non-fiction, and I happen to like Julia Childs and Michael Caine. My brother and I watch Julia Childs' "The French Chef", so I was excited to get her memoir.  We split the money and bought all three. There isn't a special reason for why I picked "My Life in France" first; I was just so excited to get started on reading it because I had been waiting so long.

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