Monday, October 10, 2011

My reaction to Myers' "And Then I Read..."

"And Then I Read..." by Walter Myers was a very interesting reading passage. The way he described his relationship with his mother, in a way relates the relationship with my mom. I also like how he said he learned new words and language from his mother and how he learned the language of the army and other people. It was interesting when he said, "I started writing again....I needed to reinvest in the inner person that seemed closer to who I really was." It caught my attention because he was trying to find himself through writing.  When he writes about characters in his books, Myers wants to own them and experience the atmosphere that the character would be in. This was another attention getter because he went into jail to experience the jail atmosphere for one of his books. I find it bizarre, but yet very clever to "own" the character. In addition, in the last page he says the more reading equals more writing, which says to me that you learn from reading, which will help you learn from writing. In the second to last paragraph he says he is still thrilled by opening a new book, which is true to me that there are many exciting books out there, so you should never stop reading.

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