Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Important Places in I Me Mine

Two important places in I Me Mine are India and Friar Park. India was mentioned because that is where George Harrison finds the Hindu faith and several people who would guide him to spirituality. Before entering India, George Harrison thinks they are a foreign country that knows nothing about the recent pop culture. When he arrives there, with the other Beatles, he realizes he was wrong because several people were screaming "The Beatles!" and running toward them. He described India as beautiful, and some parts as British because the British came in and built roads and buildings some places. George Harrison thought of India as a second home because he felt that he belonged. After the first trip, he took several other trips to India throughout his life.

Friar Park was another place mentioned in the book. It was George Harrison's final home that he bought when he found out it was going to be demolished. Friar Park was previously a Catholic school before he turned it into his home. Surrounding the magnificent building was several acres of beautiful land. George Harrison became fond of gardening and was constantly changing the several acres of land. Friar Park became a big part of his life. This was where he lived with Olivia Harrison and his son Dhani. He also had a music studio built there, where he recorded all of his other albums.

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