Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Author's Tone On One Page of I Me Mine pg. 55

One part of the book that I think is interesting is when George Harrison describes his lessons on the sitar with Ravi Shankar. He has a fascinated, grateful, and excited tone. It's almost as if he lights up when talking about the sitar lessons, just like when he says, "The first sitar lesson was interesting in that it was so nice to find somebody who was such a master being able to start from scratch with a beginner." He seems to be very excited about the whole experience. George Harrison's tone is also informative when he talks about what you shouldn't do when playing a sitar or practicing the Hindu faith.

One section on this page is when Ravi Shankar tells George that you must have respect for the instrument. George then says, "... you can't appreciate anything if you have no respect." This shows that looked up to Ravi Shankar, and learned a great deal from him. This page shows that George Harrison was influenced greatly by Ravi Shankar.

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